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Vidéo de Mozambo & Meltin Box - Hurt & Soul

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Chargé par : Maximilien Charvet . Catégorie: Musique Electro . Ajouté le : 23 avril 2019.
Dans cette vidéo :
Mozambo's Music revisited by Meltin Box's Voice and Lyrics.
THX Mozambo and specially Clem ;)
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Lyrics :
Hurt... Hurt...
Hurt makes the earth quake
And Soul seperates the seas
Hurt makes my heart break
Soul brings you closer to me
Hurt... Hurt... And... Hurt... And Soul yeah
Hurt, the rain falls when you are sad
Soul, the sun is back to give you help
Hurt, I see it clearly in your eyes
And Soul will help you forget the pain
Hurt will always be around you
But Soul will face it and change the scene
Hurt never say when he’ll sit next to you
Don’t worry, Soul is everywhere
Hurt... And... Hurt... And Sooooouuuuul.
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