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Vidéo de Rubiked by Vincent TARRIT

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Rubiked is a remarkable piece of technology built into a humble Rubik's Cube. You have someone freely mix up a cube and stop wherever they want. You open up your phone and go to the photos folder. The last photo you took was a picture of a cube in EXACTLY the combination they mixed it into.

Rubiked uses a special motion sensor which transmits each move to a chip integrated within the central cube axis. Combined with a recognition algorithm, the cube calculates the exact position of each face and transmits it immediately to the app, with no delay, thanks to Bluetooth technology. Watch the trailer to see how responsive this technology is!

You do not need to rely on the internet. Since Rubiked uses Bluetooth, you do not need to have internet to perform with it. Of course, if you do have internet, you can have the image predicted on your website!

With its user-friendly interface, compatible both iOS and Android, the Rubiked app allows you to adapt the effect to your own needs. Simple to use, you'll be guided step by step through an in-app guide and a 30-minute instructional video. Within just a few minutes, you will be able to use Rubiked with ease.

As well as a host of extra ideas, including a hands off presentation, you are supplied with all of the extra paraphernalia you might need to customize your cube. Crucially, for you cube enthusiasts out there, you get a set of regular color stickers included.
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